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Track your progress with the Fit3D 3D Body Scanner. Safely and accurately capture data like 3D avatar, measurements, body composition, posture analytics, weight, balance, and more. Reach your wellness and body shape goals with confidence.


Compelling & Accurate Assessments


​What are the benefits of doing a 3D body scan?

Accurate Progress Tracking: 3D body scans offer precise measurements of muscle mass, fat distribution, and body composition. They objectively track changes over time, providing accurate insights into fitness progress that may not be visually apparent. Objective Monitoring for Fitness Goals: Detailed 3D scan data allows for objective monitoring of muscle development and fat reduction. This helps individuals and fitness professionals assess the effectiveness of workout routines, enabling informed adjustments for better results. Personalised Training and Nutrition: Utilising 3D body scan measurements, fitness professionals can create tailored training and nutrition plans. This personalised approach targets specific muscle groups and optimises fat loss, leading to more efficient and effective fitness outcomes. Injury Prevention and Posture Analysis: Beyond visible changes, 3D body scans identify posture and structural aspects not easily observable. This information aids in designing exercises to address imbalances, preventing injuries, and improving overall biomechanics in the gym.

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