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Do you have one of those friends you love training with, but they're too short on cash for a membership? Or do you like to mix it up, and train with a new friend each session? Look no further, Affinity Fitness has introduced ultimate access memberships.

Training with a gym buddy is proven to increase motivation, improve exercise form and help push you to your limits. If this sounds like something you're interested in - grab the bring a friend add-on when building your membership online, or ask over reception if you sign up at the gym!


Must Scan in

You must scan on the bring-a-friend door reader each time your friend visits with you

friends w.png

Only 1 Friend Per Visit

You can only train with one friend at a time, one friend per day


NO Swapping Key Fobs

Train together, stay together. Friends may not train alone

Get Ultimate Access Today

$6 Per Week
for Current Members


✓ Bring-a-friend

✓ Outdoor gym

✓ 3D body scan

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