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Discover Affinity at 107 Blenheim Road—a fitness destination that prioritizes your experience. Enjoy uninterrupted training sessions without the heat of crowded gyms. Benefit from 24/7 facility access for ultimate convenience. We provide an extensive range of equipment and a wealth of knowledge to deliver a unique workout experience. Tour our facility with our friendly staff or explore our facility with a 3D virtual tour. Unleash your potential at Affinity, where space, convenience, and freedom combine to help you achieve your fitness goals. Join us today and experience the difference!

Unleash Your Potential with Premium Equipment

Experience a wide range of cutting-edge cardio, weight lifting, and functional strength equipment tailored to meet all your fitness requirements.

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Spacious and Versatile Training Areas

Our thoughtfully designed training areas are specifically tailored to cater to your customized fitness methods. Within our facility, you'll find dedicated spaces for strength training, cardio workouts, outdoor training, boxing, and functional exercises. Each area is carefully designed to optimise your workout experience and ensure you have the necessary environment and equipment for your preferred fitness routine.

Luxurious Facilities for Maximum Comfort

Indulge in our luxurious modern facilities, designed to enhance your comfort, usability, and privacy, ensuring you leave the gym feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.


Personalized Fitness Consultations

Meet our knowledgeable personal trainers in our modernised consultation room, where you can comfortably plan and discuss your fitness journey.

Cardio with a View

Enjoy the cardio area, offering a north-facing view overlooking Riccarton. Train with the latest cardio equipment, including steppers, cross trainers, treadmills, spin bikes, and stretch gear. We’ve got more cardio equipment than you can poke a stick at, allowing you to continue to train with your friends without ever feeling cramped or pressured to move on.


Functional Training

Discover our enhanced focus on functional strength equipment. This includes additional space for the weighted sled, bodyweight area and even tyre flipping in our outdoor area!

Boxing Training

A large open bag training area with 100m² of open spaces to train in any way you want. Be creative!

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  • 11 x Technogym Visioweb Treadmills
  • 8 x Technogym Visioweb Upright & Recline Bikes
  • 8 x Technogym Visioweb Crosstrainers
  • 4 x Technogym Spin Bikes & Stretch Machines
  • 5 x Concept 2 Rowing Machines
  • 1 x Concept 2 Ski ERG
  • 1 x Matrix Stair Climber / Mill
  • 2 x Assault Air Bikes
  • 1 x Skill Mill Treadmill

  • Hammer Strength Plate Load Chest Press
  • 2 x Full Commercial Cages & Platforms
  • 10 x Squat racks/Adjustable Cages
  • 2 x Life Fitness Dual Adjustable functional trainers
  • Technogym/ Life fitness Upper body Pin loaded machines - Cable Jungle (X2), Cable crossover, Multi-press, Lat Pulldown (x2), Radiant, Bicep curl, Tricep arm extension, Pulldown, low row, upper back, chest press, shoulder press, row pulley, Pecdec/ Fly, ab crunch, assisted chin dip
  • Technogym/Life fitness Lower body Pin Loaded machines - Seated leg extension (x2), Seated leg curl, Lying leg curl, Leg press/calf extension
  • 8 x Technogym Adjustable benches
  • Full Commercial Pin Load Standing Calf Raise
  • Full Commercial Standing Power Squat Plate Load
  • Full Commercial Plate Load 45-Degree Leg Press
  • 2 x Fixed Barbell Sets
  • Full Commercial Preacher Bench & Plate Load Curl
  • 2 x Affinity Fitness Custom Dumbells 10 - 50kg
  • Olympic Bumper Power Plates
  • 18 x Olympic commercial bars
  • Turf & Sled Area
  • Tyre Flipping
  • 3 x Boxing Bags + Gear
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